Where do you want to be in a few years, as a company?

When you design your office, you do not have to be guided by the latest trends. What is more, it is not a Strategy Manager’s job to follow them. But some change cannot be avoided: the market is changing, just as the mentality of employees, their needs and their perspective on work. Work is no longer seen only as the fulfilment of one’s duties, but it is becoming more of a way of personal fulfilment – which is very good news. Sometimes, however, companies are not fully prepared for this change, and keep treating the office solely as a place for employees to perform their duties. Improving the workplace with existing employees in mind and looking for new talents gets pushed into the background. People’s expectations are not always taken into account, even though people are one of the key elements of an organisation’s success. It is a good idea to listen to your employees – you may find they want something more than just some desks and conference rooms.

Of course, not every company needs to have hammocks, table football or game consoles. But before you proceed with your project, you might want to stop for a moment to think about how work really looks today. You may find that what is available in your office is no longer enough. Perhaps the challenges that your organisation is faced with every day have changed over the years. Before taking a decision on your project, you should think how flexible you want the workplace to be in the perspective of several years of lease, and answer this question: where do you want to be in a few years, as a company?

After all, important decisions, such as the acquisition of another company, are not taken without prior analysis. Of course, it is not the same as choosing and arranging an office. But for an organisation, an office should be the same as a showroom for a chain store. It is a showcase that will determine your success, and people working there will determine the income of your organisation. A poorly thought-out, half-baked, poorly arranged and furnished space will work to the detriment of your company. And vice versa: an office that meets the needs of the employees will improve the way your organisation works.

Wojciech Krupa

Warsaw, 25 March 2019