Brand, Culture & People Alignment
How workplace can support the mission and vision of your organization in the coming years?
Focus & Flexibility
How your office space can accommodate changing business needs?
Engaging Experiences
How to enhance people creativity, innovation and collaboration?
Making the Connections
How workplace drives value?

Our workplace strategy path


The design of a workplace can have a huge impact on efficiency, productivity, corporate image and employee morale.

How to align working environment with the company’s business objectives?

An effective workplace strategy should be always designed around three key areas: people, efficiency and costs. Organizations have traditionally emphasized the costs component. However, none of these should be managed individually. Instead it is crucial to design a work environment that is aligned with the organisation’s strategy, harmoniously integrating all three areas.

Facts & Myths


A modern office should reflect the latest design trends.
Workplace strategy helps to create the company’s mission and vision.
Office design is mainly the work of an architect.


Workplace strategy is much more than creating beautiful, functional and cost-effective spaces.
Cooperation with the advisor does not end at the moment of moving in to a new office.
Open communication during the office move is the key to success.

Why Choose SMART M2?

    • No contractual obligations with landlords
    • Freedom to negotiate more dynamically
    • Time solely dedicated to tenants
    • Unbiased objective client representation
    • Consistent cost savings to our clients
  • Our multidisciplinary team comprises experienced specialists from various fields: workplace strategy, corporate and social communication, change management, storytelling and visual anthropology. Our experts are also the authors of scientific publications, academic workplace researchers, Design Thinking and team building trainers.

  • Our workplace strategy is a carefully considered concept, which in addition to the analysis of workplace functional and spatial layout involves in-depth examination of the company’s culture, internal communication, and, most of all, the employees’ needs. The implementation of the process is based on a structured, multi-phase change management performed both at the individual and organizational level. The key component of the strategy is close cooperation and engagement of the management and the employees.

  • We provide direct access to a powerful platform of research tools and technology that allows for a detailed and reliable office space analysis. Our experts collaborate with leading office space teams. SMART M2 is part of Warsaw-based Cresa Polska, a tenant-only agency firm. Cresa, based in Washington DC, is the world’s largest commercial real estate firm representing tenants exclusively.


I am delighted to be called upon as a reference for SMART M². It is the trustworthy and solid business partner for future workplace strategy with change management and an electronic measurement of office space occupancy.

Dimitri van den Oever - Director HR Europe & Africa, Amway GmbH

Team Members

Wojciech Krupa
Wojciech Krupa
Head of Workplace Strategy

tel: +48 608 456 379

Zbigniew Chmielewski
Zbigniew Chmielewski
Head of Communication